Number One Balloons


hekium balloon giftHelium Balloon Gifts are still one of the most popular and inexpensive gifts that are used for celebrations in the UK.  they have the added advantage of being easy to order on line for events that you have forgotten until the last minute, or for gift for people who are too far to visit on their special day.

This can mean anything from a birthday for a friend or close relative, congratulations, thank you, sorry.  And of course there is always Valentine’s Day.

If it’s a retirement , wedding or anniversary, then there is also a balloon to suit.

And it doesn’t need to be limited to a single balloon  or make it into a special gift by adding additional balloons to make a really great surprise bunch of helium balloons.

Birthday Helium Balloon Gifts

birthday balloonBirthdays are probably the most popular occasion for sending a balloon. It’s a great surprise for the recipient when they get the box on their special day. Whether it’s delivered at home or to an office or workplace, it’s bound to be a great surprise and well received, knowing that someone hgas gone to the trouble to arrange a special gift for them.
Balloons are available with a range of messages and ages on them. Just search the web pages for a design that suits the recipient.

Seasonal Occasions – send a helium balloon gift

On occasions such as Easter, Christmas and Valentines’ Day as wellas Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, then there is a great selection of helium balloons, which are an ideal alternative to sending the more traditional  card.

Select either a single balloon, or make it into more of a gift by adding additional balloons.

Special Occasions

There are many occasioons in a year when a helium balloon gift – delvered on a specific date – direct to the recipient – is an ideal solution to a gift problem.

It could be to say ‘Thank You’, ‘Congratulations’  or ‘Get Well Soon’. It might be as a celebration for an engagement, anniversary or wedding. It could be a retirement, leaving work or examination success. A new arrival is also a good reason to send a balloon.

Whatever the reason or occasion then there is nothing better than sending a balloon. Watch it rise out of the box to the delight and surprise of the recipient and you know it has been money well spent.